I first learned how to draw by copying manga.
After studying Nihonga in college, I worked as an advertising designer and later decided to make painting as my main career.
For several years, however, I could not define my artistic style.
My style changed from exhibition to exhibition and in the end, I shut myself up in my studio for four years.
This period, as a result, gave me a chance to get back to my true nature and create my current style, ‘Psycological Collage.’
In this style, various methods of expression that reflect inner diversity and fluidity are juxtaposed on a canvas that is divided into frames like manga.
Instead of negatively considering myself as an artist who is lacking focus, by acknowledging my nature, I have become able to express my true feelings through my works.

Kotaro Hoshiyama

Born in Tokyo in 1979.
Graduated from Tama Art University, majored in Nihonga in 2003.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “Into the Face” at Gallery Q / Tokyo in 2010, “Study of Nirvana” at Gallery Hyakuso / Tokyo in 2012, “Alter Ego” at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo in 2017, “Flyer” at Nihombashi Takashimaya ART GALLERY X / Tokyo in 2018, “Psychological Collage” at Nihombashi Takashimaya ART GALLERY X / Tokyo, “Psychological Collage Ⅱ FRAGMENTS” at roid works gallery / Tokyo in 2020.
Participated to various group exhibitions including “Today’s Art / Okayama” at Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza of Okayama Prefecture in 2018.

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