4. Regional Revitalization

  1. Large bookstores in Japan

  2. Museum Shop

  3. Airports

  4. Luxury cruise ship

  5. Hotels

  6. Library

  7. the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japa…

  8. Japan Society

ONBEAT Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “we”) will take utmost care in the handling and protection of personal information, in accordance with laws concerning personal information and the guidelines set by the relevant government ministries, as well as our own corporate policy regarding personal information.

Secure management of personal information and supervision of employees
We provide personal information protection regulations to prevent leakage of, loss of, or damage to personal information and to otherwise securely manage personal information and carry out necessary and appropriate supervision of its employees.

Management of personal information
We will do its utmost to manage personal information suitably and safely for strictly limited purposes, to keep information accurate and updated, and to prevent loss, disclosure or falsification of personal information through a system of personal information management.。

Display, correction, and deletion of personal information
When we receive a request for the display, correction or deletion of personal information, we will comply, based upon the consent of the individual in question, within the limits of the law.

Proper acquisition of personal information
We acquire personal information in a proper manner and do not acquire personal information through deception or any other wrongful means. In addition, we are also mindful to avoid collecting information of a personal nature from any child under 15 years old unless we have good reason to do so and the consent of a person who has parental authority.

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