4. Regional Revitalization

  1. Large bookstores in Japan

  2. Museum Shop

  3. Airports

  4. Luxury cruise ship

  5. Hotels

  6. Library

  7. the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japa…

  8. Japan Society

Aluminum foil, India ink, Gofun, Pigment, Suihi-enogu

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I mostly depict creatures from myths.
I think it is meaningful for me as a modern person to reinterpret mythical creatures through art, because they are created to help explain the world of the unknown which contains the mentality and social structures of humans at that time.
The subject of “Observer #05” is the Chinese mythical creature Bai Ze.
This creature understood speech and was thoroughly versed in all things.
He had 9 eyes, and in my work, he represents multifaceted viewpoints and is a world observer.
The woodblock print “The Beast Known as Kotobuki -Rat-” is 1 in a series of 12 prints. Based conceptually on “Auspicious Beast” by late Edo Period ukiyoe artist Enrosai Shigemitsu, I depicted the transformations of one Chinese zodiac creature into 12 forms to symbolize “the revolving world.”


Born in Kanagawa.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “Symbiosis” at Gallery MUMON / Tokyo in  2019; “Impartial Observer” at Kiyoshi Art Space / Tokyo, “Cycle of Transformation” at  Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery / Tokyo in 2020.
Participated in various group exhibitions and art fairs including “Outsider Art Fair” in Paris in 2018; “Art Fair Tokyo,” “Art Central” in  Hong Kong, “Art Beijing” in 2019; “Ran-Syou-Hou-Syuu” at Gallery MUMON / Tokyo in 2019, 2020, 2021; “Jyunin-toiro” at Kiyoshi Art Space / Tokyo in 2020.

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