4. Regional Revitalization

  1. Large bookstores in Japan

  2. Museum Shop

  3. Airports

  4. Luxury cruise ship

  5. Hotels

  6. Library

  7. the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japa…

  8. Japan Society

・India ink, Pigment, Suihi-enogu, Silver leaf, Tree Panel

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I see the world as a “circulating” phenomenon and wonder what we could do to pass down a good flow to the next generation.
In Observer Effect*-Hakutakuyama- I portrayed the divine beast, Hakutaku, as the observer of the world and a symbol of multifaceted perspective and thinking.
Cycle of Transformation is a series that was inspired by the late-Edo ukiyo-e painting, A Beast Known as Kotobuki, by Tonamisai Shigemitsu.

ーfeebee *Observer Effect: Phenomenon of changing behavior when being watched


Born in Kanagawa.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “Symbiosis” at Gallery MUMON / Tokyo in  2019; “Impartial Observer” at Kiyoshi Art Space / Tokyo, “Cycle of Transformation” at  Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery / Tokyo in 2020.
Participated in various group exhibitions and art fairs including “Outsider Art Fair” in Paris in 2018; “Art Fair Tokyo,” “Art Central” in  Hong Kong, “Art Beijing” in 2019; “Ran-Syou-Hou-Syuu” at Gallery MUMON / Tokyo in 2019, 2020, 2021; “Jyunin-toiro” at Kiyoshi Art Space / Tokyo in 2020.

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