A book focusing on one artist “ONBEAT plus”

As a new project of the bilingual art magazine "ONBEAT," we have published "ONBEAT plus," which focuses on one artist.
It will be published irregularly.

The first issue was dedicated to artist Mai Miyake.

This book re-compiles the latest Mai Miyake theories, interviews with the artist conducted in the past, and serial articles and essays in various media by Mai Miyake herself (and Kei Miyama, Miyake's pen name), who is considered a contemporary literati painter, to provide a multifaced examination of Miyake's multi-faceted world. In particular, the texts written about traditional Japanese culture, which we modern Japanese are unlikely to have a deep understanding of ("Black Goat & White Goat Correspondence", "Monomiyusan", etc.), are also essential for understanding Mai Miyake's artistic expression and are well worth reading. We are convinced that this book, which is "Mai Miyake in its entirety", will be of interest to Miyake fans and non-enthusiasts alike, and will open the door to new territories.

Hirotaka Fujita, CEO, ONBEAT Corporation and Editor-in-Chief, ONBEAT magazine

Book information
"ONBEAT plus Mai Miyake"

Price: 5,500 yen (tax included) + delivery fee
Date of Issue: 2023年12月22日
Size: 280×210mm
Binding Specification: 206 pages, common bound
Editing & Publishing: ONBEAT Corp.
Tel: 044-900-8581
E-mail: ob@onbeat.co.jp