Supporting art fairs and art events as a media

Tokyo Gendai

Tokyo Gendai is an exciting platform for commercial, artistic and intellectual exchange, and a nexus of cross-cultural discovery that presents leading contemporary art galleries from Japan, the wider Asia-Pacific region and around the world.

Designart Tokyo

Designart Tokyo is an event that shares and offers design and art that bring about excitement around the world with the concept of "Emotions", aiming to popularize "designart" as a general term used in the same way as "design" and "art", and to enrich and color people's lives.

Osaka Art & Design

Osaka Art & Design is a tour-around event where you can enjoy art and design encounters at venues around the city of Osaka. Up-and-coming creators present a variety of art and design in galleries and stores.

New Energy Tokyo

NEW ENERGY is a "Creation Festival" where more than 400 groups of wonderful items, things, and people from Japan and around the world gather. In addition to special exhibitions by unique creators, it holds a wide variety of events that can be enjoyed by all five senses, such as shopping, talk shows, and art performances.

Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival

Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival is a series of experimental events which aim to hold "Osaka Kansai International Art Festival" in 2025 in accordance with Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, and to prepare for it by studying the relationship between art, human and society to maximize the value of the upcoming event.