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Born in Shimane in 1986.
Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts, majored in sculpture in 2010.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including at Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo every year since 2010; "Art Fair Tokyo" at Gallery Hanakagesho Booth in 2018.
Participated in various group exhibitions and art fairs including "Art history of beautiful girls" in Aomori Museum of Art, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Iwami Art Museum from 2014 - 2015; Museum of National Taipei University of Education / Taiwan in 2019; "Rediscover! 3D-Works in Japan!" at Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Mie Prefectural Art Museum from 2016-2017.

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I create wood carving figures and netsukes inspired by anime and video games.
My experience of making lures for bass fishing during middle school led me to create wood accessories and sculptures.
As a small child, I was attached to small toys like freebees in snack packages and capsule toys, and liked to make such small objects by myself out of paper clay.
I carried toys all the time as good-luck charms.
That feeling from childhood is reflected in my netsuke production today.
Growing up in Shimane listening to Izumo myths had also influenced me to feature myths from Japan and around the world in many of my works.



1986 Born in Shimane
2010 Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts, majored in sculpture

Solo Exhibition
2009 Bon Voyage (GALLERY Haneusagi / Kyoto)
2010 poikilotherms (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2011 mixture (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2012 Solo Exhibition (An-nei / Shimane)
2012 懐中神 (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2013 Embracing Purity in the World of Gaps (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2014 依代の心臓 (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2015 Dissolved Paradise (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2016 此岸の果てで鬼は微笑む (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2017 Color the Boundaries (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2018 龍の都 (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2019 夢幻の娘たち (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2019 海⇀天 (SMART SHIP GALLERY / Shimokitazawa)
2020 spilit-dwelling Girls with empty shell (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2021 The place where gods are Born (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)

Group Exhibition
2007 甑島で、つくる。Koshiki Art Exhibition (Koshikishima / Kagoshima)
2007 BUNKITEN (Gallery be-Kyoto)
2008 U.S.E (Gallery Maronie / Kyoto)
2009 SPACE (Gallery Maronie / Kyoto)
2009 Wood Sculpture Exhibition (id Gallery / Kyoto)
2010 The 3rd Wood Sculpture Netsuke Art Festival (HIKARU MUSEUM / Gifu)
2010 Kyoto University of the Arts DEGREE SHOW (Kyoto City Museum of Art)
2010 島根県人会 (Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo)
2010 第二回高円宮殿下記念根付コンペティション記念展 (Osaka University of Arts Hotarumachi Campus Gallery)
2011 江戸からの系譜「荒井良の妖怪 張り子」と「現代の根付」展 (Ginza Mitsukoshi / Tokyo)
2011 ANIMA (Shimane Art Museum)
2013 ANIMA vol.2〜島根生まれの作家たち〜 (Shimane Art Museum)
2013 当世根付気質 (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2015 第7回高円宮殿下記念 根付コンペティション記念展(Osaka University of Arts Sky Campus)
2016 現代作家 根付特集 (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo)
2016 Breakzenya×Spiral (Spiral / Tokyo)
2017  Uryuyama. Sculptors. Exhibition 10th (Gallery Maronie / Kyoto)
2017 三人展 -像- (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2018 Breakzenya Exhibition(Bunkamura / Tokyo)
2018 幻獣神話展Ⅴ (Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan)
2018 十五名の現代作家による、もののけ根付展 -勿怪の幸い- (Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo)
2018 XYLOLOGY -Root and Origin- (Hirakushi Denchu House and Atelier / Tokyo)
2018 猫のまにまに (WrightShokai / Kyoto)
2019 Breakzenya Exhibition×Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery (Tokyo)

Art Fair
2011 GYOSHO -The Gallery Circus- (Tokyo)
2011 ULTRA004 (Tokyo)
2012 artKYOTO (Hotel Monterey Kyoto)
2012 ULTRA005 (Tokyo)
2013 New City Art Fair (Osaka)
2014 the art fair +plus-ultra (Gallery Hanakagesho Booth)
2015 Wonder Festival Summer (Chiba)
2015 the art fair +plus-ultra (Gallery Hanakagesho Booth)
2016 the art fair +plus-ultra (Gallery Hanakagesho Booth)
2017 Wonder Festival Summer (Chiba)
2018 Art Fair Tokyo (Gallery Hanakagesho Booth)
2019 Asia Contemporary Art Show Fall 2019 edition (Hong Kong)

Art Museum
2014 高円宮家所蔵 -根付と宮中装束- (Kure Municipal Museum of Art)
2014〜2015 Art history of beautiful girls (Aomori Museum of Art, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Iwami Art Museum)
2016〜2017 Rediscover! 3D-Works in Japan! (Gunma Museum of Art, TatebayashiShizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Mie Prefectural Art Museum)
2019 Art history of beautiful girls (National Taipei University of Education, The Museum of NTUE / Taiwan)

2011 革工房「T・KLM(タクラミ)」のメンバーとして実演会に参加 (Docomo Yebisu Garden Place/ Tokyo)

ONBEAT vol.14 features Shinya Nagashima