・Japanese box, Inlaying:Crystal, Limpet, Deer horn, Water buffalo horn, Iwa-enogu


I create wood carving figures and netsukes inspired by anime and video games.
My experience of making lures for bass fishing during middle school led me to create wood accessories and sculptures.
As a small child, I was attached to small toys like freebees in snack packages and capsule toys, and liked to make such small objects by myself out of paper clay.
I carried toys all the time as good-luck charms.
That feeling from childhood is reflected in my netsuke production today.
Growing up in Shimane listening to Izumo myths had also influenced me to feature myths from Japan and around the world in many of my works.


Shinya Nagashima

Born in Shimane in 1986.
Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts, majored in sculpture in 2010.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including at Gallery Hanakagesho / Tokyo every year since 2010; “Art Fair Tokyo” at Gallery Hanakagesho Booth in 2018.
Participated in various group exhibitions and art fairs including “Art history of beautiful girls” in Aomori Museum of Art, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Iwami Art Museum from 2014 – 2015; Museum of National Taipei University of Education / Taiwan in 2019; “Rediscover! 3D-Works in Japan!” at Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Mie Prefectural Art Museum from 2016-2017.

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