Born in 1974 in Kyoto.
Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2008.
Miyanaga is known for her installation using materials such as salt, leaf veins, cracking sound of glaze and especially objects made with naphthalene into the shape of daily commodities.
She visualizes time by tracing signs of it’s presence.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including
"MIYANAGA Aiko: NAKASORA-the reason for eternity-" at The National Museum of Art, Osaka in 2012,
"between waxing and waning" at Ohara Museum of Art, yurinso / Okayama in 2017,
"Rowing Style" at Takamatsu Art Museum / Kagawa in 2019.
Received the Grand Prize at Nissan Art Award 2013.

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ONBEAT vol.14 features Aiko Miyanaga

"Eternal journey of phenomenon and substance"
高橋コレクションの一つ「宮永愛子」の芸術世界を、現代アートコレクターRyutaro Takahashiが語る。