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By integrating traditional Japanese ideology and sensibility with modern ideas and energy indigenous to a specific land or space, I have been painting in search for the ‘something’ that is hidden inside all things under the sun.
When creating, I am always conscious about the ‘something’ that dwells in my painting materials and tools.
According to one account, the word ‘mono (something)’ used to be equivalent to ‘reikon (soul)’ in ancient Japan.
I believe that ‘reikon,’ like the myriads of gods, is shapeless and exists at the core of Japanese people’s fundamental sense as a spiritual support or an object of faith.
With the presence of such ‘mono / reikon’ at the core of my artistic philosophy, my recent series of paintings feature onomatopoeia.

OZ-Yamaguchi Keisuke 

Born in Nagano.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “Paintings from NY” at Ronin Gallery in 2016, “MONO” at Museo Taller Luis Nishizawa / Mexico in 2017, “Hazamamono” at Ain Soph Dispatch / Aichi in 2019, “mono -Resonance of Body and Sprit-” at Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store / Aichi in 2020.
Participated to various group exhibitions and art fairs including “-Rin- Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Art Fair” in Tokyo, “LA Art Show” at Los Angeles Convention Center in 2019.
Donated a big votive picture to Zenkoji Temple in 2019.
His work is owned by Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Toyoshina.

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