Sonoaida # TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD The 2nd Resulting Exhibition “Donuts Sand Station” is now held at Nihonbashi Muromachi 162 building (Tokyo).

(Photos by Hirona Fujita)


This exhibition is a part of the collaborative project by Tokyo Midtown and Sonoaida, which aims young artists’ further growth after they were awarded at the Tokyo Midtown Award. This time, Kensho Tambara curates the exhibition and two young artists Miya Kaneko and Masaki Yamaguchi exhibit their artworks.


Sonoaida is an art project which has been producing activity fields for artists utilizing vacant properties or buildings to be demolished. Chaired by Akira Fujimoto, the project has been discovering and producing spatial-temporal intervals for artistic activities in urban area such as Tokyo since 2015.


Tokyo Midtown Award is a design/art competition which has been held annually at Tokyo Midtown since 2008. Not only making opportunities for young artists and designers to meet each other or to get support, the award also puts effort into continuous support after they were awarded.

Comments to the Exhibition
“The title of the exhibition is named after a funny story that Yamaguchi’s daughter misheard ‘omote sando eki‘ (eki means station) as ‘donuts sand eki’ (in Japan, ‘sand’ is used as the abbreviation of ‘sandwich’). While each of the exhibits and space organization in this exhibition have its own concept or intention, the place is driven by the humour that titles of the exhibits have. Two artists’ colour usage or the playfulness that emerges in the back-and-forth between installation and work-in-progress create the ambiance of “Donuts Sand Station.” (excerpt) – Kensho Tambara

“The gross of chaotic memories may be what we call “the city” – I wrote this line in my comments for my work Translate silence on a map which was awarded at Tokyo Midtown Award in 2017. After this work I put myself in the midst of chaos, listened someone’s voices reached to my ears, and finally came to my next motivation thinking “If humans’ memories are the elements that constitute the city…” Since I’ve found tiny cosmos in chaos, I’ve been creating works which is related to city, such as the work visualizing imaginary city which is based on people’s memories.” (excerpt) – Miya Kaneko

“Even if I can’t escape from my own loneliness, I want to try to share my thoughts or feelings with others through art. Just like lyrics put to the music, is it possible that my thoughts are conveyed to the viewers and they feel them as if they are their own thought? … My sculptures don’t have the centre. Every ends and details of my work stands out and coruscates by itself, aiming to exist together. I hope Nihonbashi become the place like that, though I also like Nihonbashi now.” (excerpt) – Masaki Yamaguchi

■ Exhibition Information
Period: April 11th (sat) – May 26th (sun), 2024
Hours: 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Place: Nihonbashi Muromachi 162 building
Curator: Kensho Tambara (Writer, Curator)

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