Kota Kinutani’s solo exhibition “A Gaze from Outer Space” is now held in √K Contemporary (Tokyo).

(Photos by Hirotaka Fujita and Hirona Fujita)

Kota Kinutani is an artist who was born in 1973. He spent his early life in Rome and Venice, and started his career as sculptor, being influenced by post-war sculptor Yoshitatsu Yanagihara, in 1991. After completed his doctoral course in sculpture at the Tokyo University of the Art’s Graduate School of Fine Arts in 2002, Kinutani engaged in various activities such as researching at the University of São Paulo of Brazil or teaching at art universities in Japan. Kinutani has participated in many programs worldwide, such as the creation of monuments in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Japanese Immigration to Brazil or in commemoration of Japanese Emperor Naruhito’s enthronement.

Comments to the Exhibition
“When looking at the rocks that were born billions or millions of years ago, I am reminded of the fragility of life. Simultaneously, I also realize how the Earth, too, is one large living organism. One day, in the future, all life, including us, may need to leave Earth. I view rocks as miraculous gifts from the Earth, and I feel great joy in interacting with them through my five senses, receiving and conveying their messages through my creations. With every fiber of my being, I would like to continue expressing my love for stones and appreciation for the earth.” – Kota Kinutani

“Kinutani has been creating his sculptures from fine stones aged billions of years, which he collected from around the world. Kinutani reads stones’ histories from its colors, patterns, tactile empressions and scents, and embodies them as forms of sculpture which seems to be lliving on earth. His creation process can be seen as “dialogues with stones”, and I hope visitors can detect those dialogues through touching his sculptures. I’m assured that Kinutani’s sculptures have the power of widening our view of ancient times and world, and the power of giving wisdom to live.” – Maiko Kikuchi

■ Exhibition Information
Period: April 13th (sat) – May 25th (sat), 2024
Place: √K Contemporary (Tokyo)
Curator: Maiko Kikuchi (from Patron Project)