・Washi, Iwa-enogu, Gold leaf

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From my university days, I have explored “narrative quality” and “decorativeness.”
I want to make works that are more than just beautiful depictions, I want to make works that inspire the viewer to imagine and contemplate.
And I want the viewer to encounter a fantasy experience. Particularly in recent years I have been exploring fantasy world and mythological themes in my work.
Originally I depicted animals that exist in the real world.
But out of a desire to further intensify the sacredness and to paint without being restricted by realism, I began to paint fantasy creatures made up only of whatever shapes I felt like using.
I am exploring the process of attempting to beautifully depict my own unique “illusionary worlds” that only I can depict.

Natsuki Itagaki

Born in Argentina in 1990 , raised in the Tokyo.
Tokyo University of the Arts and Music, M.A, Fine Art Painting in 2018.
Held solo exhibitions including “Somewhere that is Nowhere” at SHIKISAISHA GALLERY / Tokyo, “Lovely and Precious” at Toyota Garou / Aichi, “Daydream” at Seibu Otsu / Shiga in 2019.
Participated in group exhibitions including “Flower trade winds -7th Artist Group- wind – sketch show – ” at Nihombashi Takashimaya, Takashimaya Osaka, Takashimaya Kyoto in 2018.
“7th Sakura Award Exhibition” in Tokyo, “Hydrangea exhibition -Four Colors-” at On The Origin Of Art / Tokyo, “Power of Art” at Isetan Shinjuku Store / Tokyo in 2019.

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