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I produce three-dimensional ceramic art that feature animals.
Ceramics are usually hollow inside.
While these holes are not visible from the outside, I feel that these “voids” could be the very essence of ceramics.
Based on this concept, I intentionally expose the internal hollows in my works.
As a result, it has allowed me to express conflicting elements such as the outside and inside, front and back, and virtual and real.
My audience could also enjoy the artworks from unprecedented angles.
I wish to create works and spaces that could help viewers grow their imaginations from infinitely expanding perspectives.

ーNaoko OKU

Naoko Oku

Born in Tokyo in 1988.
Graduated from Tama Art University of Ceramic Art in 2012.
Completed training at Tokoname Ceramic-Art Laboratory in 2014.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “A Creature Exhibition” at Fuma Contemporary Tokyo in 2015; “inside” at Naraya Classic Soan / Aichi in 2016; “Transformation” at Gallery cera / Aichi in 2017; “Spark” at Gallery cera / Aichi in 2019. Participated in various group exhibitions including two man show “Short Stories” at Variete Honroku / Tokyo in 2018; “SICF20 Winners Exhibition” at Spiral / Tokyo, “Shower” at the Art Sento and Café Miyanoyu / Tokyo in 2020.

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