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During my childhood, I was surrounded by Japanese paintings, calligraphic works, and ornaments.
It was a life completely different from today’s modernized lifestyle: both my grandparents wore Kimono every day and we had an old Japanese style bathtub called Goemon-buro.
At art university, I encountered modernism and was advised to create with a more global perspective instead of focusing on musty Japanese ornaments.
However, I do not believe that Japanese ornaments are artistically inferior.
I rather think of them as cool and cutting-edge art form.
I will continue to draw paintings inspired by forgotten Japanese ornaments.

ーAtsushi USHIO

Atsushi Ushio

Born in Shimane in 1958.
Graduated from Tama Art University, majored in Oil Painting in 1984.
Studied under Wolfgang Hutter at the University of Applied Arts Vienna from 1984 -1988.
Held solo exhibitions including at AAI Gallery / Wien in 1987; at Aoki Gallery / Tokyo in 2002; at Galerie Librairie6 / Tokyo in 2014; at Fuma Contemporary Tokyo| Bunkyo Art in 2018.
Participated in various group exhibitions including “Young Art Taipei” in Taiwan from 2016-2017.
Won the Special Prize at Yamaguchi Art Exhibition in 2017; the Special Award at the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art in 2021.