・Katakuchi Sake Server (middie): 10.3×10.3×12.1cm
 Guinomi Sake Server (left): 7.3×7.3×7.0cm
 Guinomi Sake Server (right): 7.3×7.3×7.0cm


Awesomeness in between “Bishu” (beauty and ugliness)
Finally, ceramics goes beyond tradition and flies to an unknown space-time
―Shunsuke Funase (Civilization critic)

Toru Ichikawa is a meteorite that emerged from different space.
It smashed the Japanese pottery world with a single blow.
If you take a look at the works in front of them, everyone will be astonished and will nod their agreement.
There is only one experience that tasted the same impact.
It is a startle when I saw the pottery at Onisaburo Deguchi (1871-1948).
Toru Ichikawa’s works are superior to Onisaburo Deguchi in their variety and in their youth.
Its vivid colors are Picasso, The soul cry is Van Gogh, Its prodigious molding is Gaudi.
The world’s art world will all be amazed at the appearance of this genius!!

Toru Ichikawa

Born in Tokyo in 1973.
Studied under Ryuichi Kakurezaki since 2011, and be independent from 2015.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including at Nihombashi Takashimaya.
Participated to various group exhibitions and art fairs including “Art Beijing 2017,” “Revelations International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial 2017” in Paris, “Asia Contemporary Art Show Fall 2018 edition” in Hong Kong, “Art Fair Tokyo 2018,” “Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2019.”
Produced exhibition “Crafts as Art × Spatial Design” at Tanseisha, Tokyo in 2020.
Donated his work Black Tenmoku tea-bowl Kagutsuchi to Kamigamo Shrine, for the Shikinen Sengu business in 2017.

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