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Born in Gunma in 1977.
Graduated from Gunma University, Faculty of Education.
Started drawing manga series Fudegami on Monthly Shonen Jump from 2003.
Invited to give lectures and workshops at various events in the world.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including "Personaggi - incone: dei fumetti giapponesi nella cultura mondiale" at Palazzo Medici-Riccardi / Italy in 2014; "ICON-TACT - The New Horizon of Manga" at Takashimaya Shinjuku / Tokyo in 2020. Participated in "Nihonga ZERO," exhibition under supervision of Takashi Murakami, in 2011.
Collaborated with fashion brand McQ Alexander McQueen for women autumn /winter collection 2014.

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I started my career as a manga artist, but after being recognized by Takashi Murakami, I have been active mainly in Europe as a painter.
The longer I lived outside Japan, the more I have come to realize how Japanese I am.
Likewise, the more I drew on materials other than manga manuscript paper, the more I have become aware of my background as a manga artist.
While paining, I imagine that hundreds of years later, Japanese manga characters would live on in a similar way that icons from Medieval and Renaissance Italy continue to captivate us today.

ーYoshiyasu TAMURA


1977 Born in Gunma
Graduated from Gunma University, Faculty of Education

Solo Exhibition
2008 Genesis (Daimaru Tokyo)
2013 Solo Exhibition (Mangiappone / Italy)
2014 Personaggi - incone: dei fumetti giapponesi nella cultura mondiale (Palazzo Medici-Riccardi / Italy)
2016 Icon-Tact (FUMA Contemporary Tokyo)
2017 TAKAMAGAHARA (Takashimaya Shinjuku / Tokyo)
2018 JOROGUMO (Kyas Art Salon / Netherlands)
2019 SCOPE Art Show (New York)
2019 Plan B Pop-up Exhibition (New York)
2020 ICON-TACT "The New Horizon of Manga" (Takashimaya Shinjuku / Tokyo)

Group Exhibition
2011 Nihonga ZERO exhibition under supervision of Takashi Murakami (Hidari Zingaro / Tokyo)
2011 日本画 ZERO第2部〈日本画〉改め〈日本マンガ式絵画科〉誕生! (Hidari Zingaro / Tokyo)
2012 Elega (Poland)
2012 The Armory Show (New York)
2013 Amadora BD (Portugal)
2013 Lucca Comics & Games (Italy)
2014 The New Manga Fine Art(Kyas Art Salon / Netherlands)
2014 Amadora BD (Portugal)
2014 Comicon(Mostra d'oltremare / Italy)
2016 European Parliament (France)
2016 Mediations Biennale (Historical Museum of Poznan / Poland)
2016 Ostrale Biennale (Germany)
2019 今どきアート2019 つなぐ・比べる (Tomioka city museum / Gunma)

Art Fair
2011 Art Platform (Los Angeles)
2011 Art Taipei (Taiwan)
2011 Volta7 (Switzerland)
2011 Zona Maco (Mexico)
2012 SCOPE Art Show (Switzerland)
2012 Zona Maco (Mexico)
2015 Affordable Art Fair (England)
2015 Affordable Art Fair (New York)
2015 Art Hamptons (New York)
2015 Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair (Netherlands)
2016 Context Art Miami
2016 SCOPE Art Show (Switzerland)
2016 Context New York
2017 SCOPE Art Show (Switzerland)
2017 KunstRai (Netherlands)
2017 Young Art Taipei (Taiwan)
2017 SCOPE Art Show (New York)
2018 Art Formosa (Taiwan)
2018 SCOPE Art Show (Switzerland)
2018 If So, What? (San Francisco)
2018 SCOPE Art Show (New York)
2019 KunstRai (Netherlands)

2012 bicycle painting with "Daccordi" for L'eroica, San Miniato, Italy.
2014 fashion brand McQ Alexander McQueen for women autumn /winter collection
2016 "TAKAMAGAHARA PROJECT" Collaboration with Ukrainian Photographer Marfa Vasilieva
2018 アート文字盤 手作り腕時計で柳井幸平とコラボレーション(A STORY TOKYO)
2019 Wall Painting for Japanese Restaurant "EZO" (Norway)

2017 "Bijin-ga Borderless" Geijutsu Shinbunsha

2001 "Fudegami" (Jump Comics / SHUEISHA)
2004 "Fudegami" (全2巻) (Jump Comics / SHUEISHA) (Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, etc.)
2009 板橋雅弘著「スクール・バッグいっぱいの運命」 (YA! ENTERTAINMENT / KODANSHA)
2010 「日本の歴史 まんが人物伝 戦国武将編」 (Gakken Education Publishers)
2011 "Heroes in Sengoku Manga" (Gakken Education Publishers.)
2017 CD Jacket Illustration for Mika Kobayashi "Mika Type ろ"
2018 "Devil's Relics" (Glenat / France)
2020 "Icon-tact" (Kyas Art Salon)

1997 Assistant work at Yuko Asami's Wild Half, up to circa 2000.
1997 Debut as a professional Manga Artist in Jump Magazine by Shueisha Company, Tokyo, Japan
2000 Assistant work at Masanori Katakura's "Go Da Gun," up to circa 2002
2012 Special Lecture "Japonika Creative" (Adam Mickiewicz University / Poland)
2012 "BACCHETTE VS FORCHETTE" Workshop, Live painting (Italy)
2012 Special lecture "artIMPLANT" (Spoleczna Akademia Nauk / Poland)
2012 Paper presentation at the "Third International Conference of the IMAGE" (Poland)
2013 Workshop (Scuola Internazionale di Comics / Italy)
2013 Special lecture at University of Florence (Italy)
2013 "The Mixtup Project" Workshop (Netherlands)
2014 "City of Fashion and Design" Live painting (France)
2014 Special lecture at University of Florence (Italy)
2014 "Japan Fest" Workshop (Italy)
2014 "Torino Comics" Workshop (Italy)
2014 Special lecture (Scuola Internazionale di Comics / Italy)
2014 "Japan Matsuri" Workshop (Switzerland)
2015 "Manga art. Viaggio nell'iper-pop contemporaneo" (Italy)
2015 "POW! WOW! JAPAN" Live painting (Tokyo)
2015 "Lucca Comics & Games" Workshop (Italy)
2015 "Hayaku shop" Workshop (France)
2015 "Manga Dax" Workshop (France)
2015 "Lucca Manga School" Summer Lecture (Italy)
2015 "BGeek" Workshop (Italy)
2015 "Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême" Live painting (France)
2016 "Tiferno Comics" Live painting (Italy)
2016 "Manga Dax" Workshop (France)
2016 Workshop and Live Paint at Bibliothèque nationale du Royaume du Maroc
2016 "Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême" Live painting (France)
2017 TAKAMAGAHARA project at "nakanojo biennale" with Marfa Vasilieva
2017 Special lecture at Takarazuka Univ. Shinjuku campus with Marfa Vasilieva
2017 lecture at Katedra Grafiki Interdyscyplinarnej Akademia Sztuki (Poland)
2017 "Etna Comics" Workshop, Live painting (Italy)
2018 "Lucca Comics & Games" Workshop (Italy)
2018 "Lucca Manga School" Summer Lecture (Italy)
2018 A Judge for "European Comic Schools Contest"
2018 "Pistoia non solo comics" Live painting (Italy)
2018 "Cartoomics" Workshop (Italy)
2019 A Judge for "International Comic / Manga Schools Contest"
2019 "arf5" Workshop (Italy)
2019 "Cartoomics" Workshop (Italy)

ONBEAT vol.06 and vol.14 features Yoshiyasu Tamura