4. Regional Revitalization

  1. Hotels

  2. Large bookstores in Japan

  3. Museum Shop

  4. Airports

  5. Luxury cruise ship

  6. Library

  7. The Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japa…

  8. Japan Society

Born in Aichi in 1979.
Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, majored in photography.Be independent after working at a photo studio in Tokyo as an assistant photographer.
Set up a studio in Shanghai, after studying at Shanghai Theater Academy.
Return to Japan, after studying at New York P. I. Art Center. Now he is active worldwide based in Tokyo.
Held a solo exhibition "Flower Eclipse" at Kokuyo Shanghai Flagship Showroom in 2013.
Participated to numerous group exhibitions including
"Japan and China Exchange Exhibition" at Shanghai University in 2000,
"IRIS" at M50 Peninsula 1919 Nihon Bunkamura / Shanghai in 2012,
"FlowerEclipse" at Recto verso gallery / Tokyo in 2013,
"Rock and Chrysanthemum" at Gallery Sugata / Kyoto in 2018,
"Still" at Leisure Center / Vancouver in 2019,
"Crafts as Art × Spatial Design" at Tanseisha / Tokyo in 2020.

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