Born in Niigata in 1974.
Graduated from Kyoto College of Art in 2001.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including "Tranquil Heart beat" at EHARA GALLERY / Tokyo in 2012, "leave of mind" at Gallery 219 / Tokyo in 2014, "The World of Pencil Drawing" at Kiuchi Gallery / Chiba in 2017.
Participated to various group exhibitions and Art Fair including "Di Art Fair + Puryusu - Ultra 2014" at Spiral / Tokyo in 2014, "art KARLSRUH" in Germany in 2019.
Won many prizes including "Grand Prize in the Category of Illustration" in design department of Nika Exhibition in 2003.
Designed the book-cover of "Love is a sound of Spilling q."
Appeared on Webmedia "NEXTYLE" in 2018.

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Since childhood I have been attracted to creating something from nothing, and that is still true.
I started to feel emptiness in the drawing of real things, and now I draw the "fluctuation surfacing in my heart" as "forms that do not actually exist."
This yearning for unreal forms could be an effort to search for the "pure essence" that only exists there.
I create art by layering pencil vertical strokes over and over.
This monochromatic world is limited in technique as well as color, and does not exude a flashy presence, but has a solid core.
It is because the elements are few that there is no muddiness.
It heightens the purity of my image and imbues my works with a unique texture and mood.
I want each viewer to experience their own unique emotional reaction, like kindness, sadness, or humor.


1974 Born in Niigata
2001 Graduated from Kyoto College of Art

Solo Exhibition
2010 Monochrome Exhibition (Mitsubachihokenfarm / Chiba)
2010 Keisuke Tsuchida Exhibition (Ono Gallery Ⅱ / Ginza)
2012 Tranquil Heart beat (EHARA GALLERY / Ginza)
2012 Heart×Monochrome (Mireya Gallery / Ginza)
2013 まるなげの物語 (Gallery 219 / Tokyo)
2013 219#002 (Gallery 219 / Tokyo)
2014 leave of mind (Gallery 219 / Tokyo)
2015 Carved in the Heart (Gallery 219 / Tokyo)
2015 Light, Shadow, and Painting Skin (PI Gallery / Aichi)
2017 The World of Pencil Drawing (Kiuchi Gallery / Chiba)
2017 Pencil Drawing Solo Exhibition "ASHITA" (Gallery 219 / Tokyo)
2018 Pencil Drawing Select Exhibition "Study and Cafe" (art lab Melt Meri / Tokyo)

Group Exhibition
2006 Group Alpha + Alpha Nines (Artspace Eumeria / Tokyo)
2007 Three Person Exhibition(Artspace Eumeria / Tokyo)
2009 expression design展 (Mireya Gallery / Ginza)
2011 expression design展 (Mireya Gallery / Ginza)
2013 The 2nd DORADO Fantastic Art Exhibition (DORADO GALLERY / Tokyo)
2013 Black&White展 (DORADO GALLERY / Tokyo)
2013 Festivals ART Exhibition (DORADO GALLERY / Tokyo)
2014 空想病院展 (DORADO GALLERY / Tokyo)
2014 部屋の絵展 (DORADO GALLERY / Tokyo)
2014 Mechanical Nostalgic展 (DORADO GALLERY / Tokyo)
2015 Infini vol.2 (SPACE ZERO / Tokyo)
2016 Infini vol.3 (SPACE ZERO / Tokyo)
2017 ネコという、ものがたり-TH叢書 セレクション- (Maison Neko / Tokyo)
2017 Blanc et Noir 2017展 (GALLERY ART POINT / Ginza)
2017 Life 2017展 (GALLERY ART POINT / Ginza)
2017 Cat Culture Nippon (Art House Kori / Aichi)
2018 Breakzenya -the next generation artists- PartⅠ (Bunkamura Gallery / Tokyo)
2018 Otona no Otogi (DORADO GALLERY / Tokyo)
2018 Miniature Doll & Drawing Show partⅡ (SPAN ART GALLERY / Tokyo)
2018 Cheers!! -art lab Melt Meri 1st Anniversary Exhibition- (art lab Melt Meri / Tokyo)
2018 Early Summer Allumage -Drawing- (K's Gallery / Ginza)
2018 Märchen (Mireya Gallery / Ginza)
2018 うさ展「飛躍」 (Gallery 219 / Tokyo)
2018 sio.×Keisuke Tsuchida "月と剣の物語" (art lab Melt Meri / Tokyo)
2018 KSAC ART FESTA 2018 (GALLERY21 / Tokyo)
2019 Three Person Exhibition "SUMI" (art lab Melt Meri / Tokyo)
2019 Märchen (Mireya Gallery / Ginza)
2019 Early Summer Allumage -Drawing- (K's Gallery / Ginza)

Art Fair
2013 Emerging Directors' Art Fair: Ultra 006 (Spiral / Tokyo)
2014 Di Art Fair + Puryusu - Ultra 2014 (Spiral / Tokyo)
2019 art KARLSRUH (Germany)

2001 二科デザイン部イラスト部門 入選
2002 二科デザイン部イラスト部門 the Encouragement Prize
2002 デザイン展CHIBA2002 千葉美術協会賞一席
2003 "Grand Prize in the Category of Illustration" in design department of Nika Exhibition
2003 デザイン展CHIBA2003 会友賞
2004 二科デザイン部自由部門 Special Prize
2004 二科デザイン部イラスト部門 the Encouragement Prize
2005 二科デザイン部自由部門 Special Prize
2005 二科デザイン部イラスト部門 the Encouragement Prize
2006 二科デザイン部自由部門 会友賞
2007 "Chiba Citizen Art Exhibition" the Mayor of Chiba Prize
2008 "Chiba Citizen Art Exhibition" 千葉市美術館長賞
2009 二科デザイン部イラスト部門 会友賞
2009 "Chiba Citizen Art Exhibition" 依嘱優秀賞
2014 "PAINT50 VOL2" PI Gallery Prize

Designed the book-cover of "Love is a sound of Spilling q."

2018 Breakzenya-the next generation artists#93
2018 NEXTYLE Keisuke Tsuchida#1
2018 NEXTYLE Keisuke Tsuchida#2

ONBEAT vol.12 features Keisuke Tsuchida