Born in Chiba in 1979.
Tokyo University of the Arts and Music, M.A, Design in 2005.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including at Seizan Gallery New York, at major department stores in Japan.
Participated to various group exhibitions and art fairs including "55th Venice Biennale."
Won Encouragement Prize at Garyu-Zakura Japanese Painting Grand Prix Exhibition in 2004, Design Award at the 53rd Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition in 2005.
Collaborated with Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Men's.
His works are owned by Sato Sakura Museum, Chiba Bank, Keiyo Bank, Hulic Co., Ltd.

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While I mainly paint plant life and landscapes, such scenery is born into existence with its beauty fully formed and needs no human intervention.
As such, there is little meaning in my choosing to paint such motifs as they are.
If we accept that the randomness and irregularity of nature are the source of its beauty, then it is my belief that removal of that randomness, organization into patterned motifs and simple shapes, can lead to something even more refined.
It is that which I seek.
If my work deeply touches the hearts of those who view it, that is the most joyful thing for myself as an artist, and my sustenance.
Dandelion fluff as the subject for "Rising Light," my work presented here, symbolizes "leaving the nest."
In that sense, I imbued this work with a feeling of support for new departures and new leaps.


1979 Born in Chiba
2005 Tokyo University of the Arts and Music, M.A, Design

Solo Exhibitions
2009 Solo Exhibition (Chibagin Himawari Gallery / Tokyo)
2011 Solo Exhibition (Keiyo Bank / Chiba)
2013 Solo Exhibition (Seizan Gallery / Tokyo)
2014 Solo Exhibition (Chibagin Himawari Gallery / Tokyo)
2014 Solo Exhibition (Keiyo Bank / Chiba)
2016 Solo Exhibition (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo)
2019 Haruomi Izumi NIhonga-ten: Kankaku no Senren (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo)
2020 Haruomi Izumi: Blue Hour (Seizan Gallery / New York)

Group Exhibitions
2005(Held every year since)  Hato no Kai (Matsuzakaya Ginza / Tokyo, Matsuzakaya Nagoya / Aichi)
2006(Held every year since)  Sakka no Tamago-ten (Obuse Museum and Nakajima Chinami Gallery, ShinPA! / Nagano)
2006 L’Espoir-ten (Ginza Surugadai Gallery / Tokyo)
2008 - 2012 Hana no Kai (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo)
2010 Haru wo Mederu Kaiga-ten (Seizan Gallery / Tokyo)
2010(Held every year since) Something Precious (Seizan Gallery / Tokyo)
2011 Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Fukkou Charity Auction (Tokyo Art Club)
2012 Wakate Sakka Nihonga-ten "Kore Kara" (Hiroshima Mitsukoshi)
2012(Held every year since) Wakate Sakka Nihonga-ten "Kaleidoscope" (Daimaru Shinsaibashi / Osaka)
2012 Mitsukoshi x Geidai, Natsu no Geijutsusai 2012 (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo)
2013 Ouka Prize Exhibition (Sato Sakura Museum / Tokyo)
2013 Venice Biennale "Imago Mundi: Collection of Luciano Benneton" (Italy)
2013 SENSU-ten (Seizan Gallery / Tokyo)
2014 Haon no Kai (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo, continued every year afterward)
2014 Mitsukoshi x Geidai Art Fair Tokyo 2014 (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo)
2015 ShinPA in Suwa (Kitazawa Museum of Art / Nagano)
2015 Art Wonderland (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo)
2016-2019 Asahi Charity Bijutsuten (Matsuya Ginza / Tokyo)
2016 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition (Seizan Gallery / Tokyo)
2016 DELTA (Sendai Mitsukoshi / Miyagi)
2017 Ouka Prize Exhibition (Sato Sakura Museum / Tokyo)
2017 The Red "Men" (Seizan Gallery / Tokyo)
2017 DELTA "Nihonga Sannin-ten" (Niigata Mitsukoshi)
2018 DELTA (Fukuoka Mitsukoshi)
2018 Shunki Soga-ten (Seibu Ikebukuro / Tokyo)
2018 Nikitama (Seizan Gallery / Tokyo)
2018 DELTA (Sapporo Mitsukoshi / Hokkaido)
2018 DELTA (Sendai Mitsukoshi / Miyagi)
2018 The 45th "Soga-ten" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
2018 NIHONGA: CONTEMPORARY ART OF JAPAN (Seizan Gallery / New York)
2019 Reimagined: Contemporary Artists Take on The Tale of Genji (Seizan Gallery / New York)
2019 Affordable Art Fair Battersea (London)
2020 Art on Paper (Seizan Gallery / New York)
2021 Fresh Air (Seizan Gallery / New York)

2005 Honorable Mention for the 15th Garyu Sakura Nihonga Taisho-ten
2006 Design award for Graduate Thesis Work (Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo)

Sato Sakura Art Museum, Chiba Bank, Keiyo Bank, Hulic Co., Ltd., i-com’s Co., Ltd.

2012 Regular column in Technical Seminar material “Bijutsu no Mado” March, April, and May

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