4. Regional Revitalization

  1. Large bookstores in Japan

  2. Museum Shop

  3. Airports

  4. Luxury cruise ship

  5. Hotels

  6. Library

  7. the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japa…

  8. Japan Society

Born in Tokyo in 1969 and grown up in Kiryu City, Gunma.
Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, MA in Oil Painting. Won the Runner-up Prize The 4th Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art in 2001 and The 12th KOBAYASHI Hideo Award for his book "Hen na Nihon Bijutsushi" in 2013. Held the solo -exhibition [YAMAGUCHI Akira: Stepping Back to Seek the Underneath], Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki, February to May, 2015.
And he is going to have a solo exhibition "Kisha to Katana (meaning: steam Train and Sword)" at KIRISHIMA OPEN-AIR MUSEUM from Jul. 17 to Sep. 23.Battle scenes, mixed space-time, and bird's-eye views that are motif.
He is known for a style that contains humor and a cynical viewpoint, with which he has never bored the viewers.

ONBEAT vol.03 features Akira Yamaguchi