4. Regional Revitalization

  1. Large bookstores in Japan

  2. Museum Shop

  3. Airports

  4. Luxury cruise ship

  5. Hotels

  6. Library

  7. the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japa…

  8. Japan Society

Acrylic, Iwa-enogu, Suihi-enogu, Washi
・¥112,500+tax (w/ frame)  ¥97,500+tax (w/o frame)

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In my artistic production, I take all sorts of stories about things, lucky charms, and people as my motifs, and “human happiness” as my theme.
I depict girls and young women as my models for painting the world of such stories.
This is because female faces have changes of expression that are easily read, and enchant me with the gentle looks they form.
In my creation, I above all strive to see that the works positively touch the hearts of viewers.
From olden times, people have sought meaning in, and given meaning to, things and happenings.
In some cases, the same item has a different meaning in a different country or culture.
As meaning may be diverse, inclusive of such conflicts, I think that the way we see different things may be similarly free.
By picking up positive associations from charms and flower-words tied to things and combining them in original ways, I hope to engender an additional “happiness.”
Going forward, I intend to further pursue the shape of human happiness and present it more widely.  

Rika Oshima

Born in Saitama in 1995.
Graduated from the Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2020.
Currently enrolled in graduate school of Tokyo University of The Arts, Department of Design.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “Half Awake” at B-gallery / Tokyo in 2018, “Flower from Out of the Blue” at Fujii Gallery / Tokyo in 2019, “Calling Fortune” at Hakkendo Gallery / Tokyo in 2020.
Participated to various group exhibitions including “Konjaku Ezu” at Artglorieux Gallery of Tokyo in 2019.
Won many prizes including Second prize at the 11th Geidai Art Plaza Award, Heisei Art Prize at the 68th Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition.

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