A bilingual art magazine that introduces Japanese art and culture, focusing on contemporary art, architecture, fashion, music, and other aspects of Japanese art and culture without borders in both Japanese and English.
“ONBEAT vol. 19”

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Featured Interviews and Cross Talks

《Cross talk》“TIME” (Min Tanaka×Shiro Takatani)

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani jointly conceived the idea for TIME, a theater piece with music by Sakamoto and visual design by Takatani. Min Tanaka, who performs in TIME, and Shiro Takatani, interviewed by writer/art producer Tetsuya Ozaki, talked about the production process of TIME and their interaction with Sakamoto.

《Cross talk/Interview》Art Week Tokyo

Art Week Tokyo is a contemporary art event held in various locations in Tokyo. Atsuko Ninagawa, co-founder and director of the event, and Kenjiro Hosaka, director of Shiga Museum of Art, discuss the significance and attractiveness of AWT FOCUS, the first exhibition (at a museum) that all works are available to purchase. In addition, Mami Kataoka, director of the Mori Art Museum, will talk about the role AWT should play in establishing Japan’s position in the international art scene and her expectations for AWT.

《Interview》 Mai Miyake

Mai Miyake is an artist who continues to question the nature of things and the universality of expression by overlapping Eastern and Western symbolism. She uses medium-independent methods of expression to create a multi-layered exhibition that seamlessly connects the past, present, and future, and transcends the existing narrow divisions between antiques, crafts, contemporary art, design, and literature. In this way, she moves back and forth between tradition and innovation with her unique interpretation and perspective on the context of Japanese art. The retrospective interview looks back at her diverse activities through her signature exhibitions.

《Interview》 Salif Keita

Salif Keita, a musician from the Republic of Mali who has been called “the golden voice of Africa,” came to Japan to perform at the KYOTOPHONIE BORDERLESS MUSIC FESTIVAL held in Kyoto this spring and gave a wonderful performance. We present an interview with Salif Keita and an interview with Lucille Reyboz, who founded KYOTOPHONIE with Yusuke Nakanishi and invited Salif Keita this time. In these interviews, we get a closer look at Salif Keita’s personality and the secrets of his creation.

《Interview》A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE Designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae

Yoshiyuki Miyamae, as the fourth generation designer of ISSEY MIYAKE, has continued to present new works at the Paris Collection until 2019. He then launched his new brand A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE in 2021. Journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi introduces Miyamae’s activities under this brand and also unravels the “Is A-POC ABLE fashion or art?”

《Cross talk》 “Taguchi Art Collection” (Miwa Taguchi×Masashi Shiobara)

Since 2013, the eldest daughter, Miwa Taguchi, has been involved in the management of the “Taguchi Art Collection” established by her father, entrepreneur Hiroshi Taguchi, and has been organizing exhibitions and expanding the collection. They are now listed among the “Top 200 Collectors in the World. Masashi Shiobara, who has continued to support the formation of the collection as their art advisor, and Miwa Taguchi talked about the secret story behind the formation of the collection and their current efforts.


《New Series》Katsura Yamaguchi’s Japanese Art Collectors Around the World

In a new series of articles, Katsura Yamaguchi, a specialist in Japanese and Oriental art and president of Christie’s Japan, interviews Japanese art collectors around the world. In this first installment, he interviews Réne Balcer, known as the writer and executive producer of the famous TV series, about his collection of Kawase Hasui, one of the best in the world.

 “Hyper Subject Art Report” by Yuko Hasegawa

The series by Yuko Hasegawa, an internationally renowned curator, delves into complex topics using art as a starting point. In the sixth installment of this series, Hasegawa examine how our way of life and sensibilities will be transformed by digital technology, with the “DXP (Digital Transformation Planet) – Toward the Next Interface” exhibition to be held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in the fall of 2023 as its theme.

“Learn the New and Visit the Old” by Yoshio Suzuki

Art journalist Yoshio Suzuki presents “Learn the New and Visit the Old,” a new series of articles in which he will compare and contrast contemporary works of art with works from the past that may have directly or indirectly influenced them or stirred them up associations in the viewer. In the fourth edition, Suzuki focuses on contemporary artist Akira Yamaguchi’s Raigo and Chion-in’s Raigo of Amida and Twenty-five Attendants, and unravels the meaning of the Raigo.

“Value of the Contemporary Art of Japan” by Ryutaro Takahashi

Ryutaro Takahashi is a psychiatrist and contemporary art collector. His collection, which includes many valuable works by prominent Japanese contemporary artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, and Yoshitomo Nara, has become known as the Takahashi Collection and is now indispensable in the Japanese contemporary art scene. The 9th of our series, in which Takahashi shares his insight on the gems from his collection, introduces Oyama Enrico Isamu.

“Worth preserving for the 22nd century” by Nobuyuki ‘Nobi’ Hayashi

In this third edition, journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi, who covers design, technology, and education that will create a better future, as well as traditions that should be preserved, introduces the world of ningyo joruri, which has been breathed into new life by many contemporary artists in recent years and is still evolving.

“Production Designers in Film” by Yoshihito Akatsuka

In the fifth installment of Yoshihito Akatsuka’s series of articles introducing notable production designers in the Japanese film industry, we introduce Yoshihito Akatsuka himself, who has worked on prominent Hollywood films such as Babel and Kill Bill as a set decorator and is currently active as a production designer. Akatsuka talks about his career to date and The Interstice, the world’s first NFT Avatar film project in which he is currently involved.

“Welcome to the Brave New World” by Mitsuhiro Takemura

Mitsuhiro Takemura, a media aesthete who presides over the Takemura Juku and has produced many innovators to date. In the fourth article of the series, Takemura discusses the transition of society from the era of deep fakes to the era of deep facts. He also explains “TESCREAL,” an ideology originating in Silicon Valley, which is related to the situation in today’s society where lies and truths are blended together.

《Other interviews》

・Hayaki Nishigaki
・Hiroko Otake
・Kazuto Imura
・Toru Ichikawa

《Exclusive artworks for sale》

Artists: Kenta Asakura, Yushi Dangami, Naoto Fuchigami, Aoi Honjo, Kie Imai, Daisuke Inoue, Minako Ishikawa, Chikako Kai, Nobuya Kato, Kanji Kurihara, Yuko Miyama, Soo Momoyama, Yuki Murakami, Nozografia, Yoichiro Otani, Aiko Sakamoto, Riichiro Shinozaki, Tetsuro Tomonari, Keisuke Tsuchida, Maiko Yoshizawa

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