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Focusing on fine arts, crafts, architecture, design, etc.
Japanese arts and culture are considered as borderless art,
ONBEAT” is a bilingual art book published in both Japanese and English.

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vol.14 features Kohei Nawa and Tadanori Yokoo

《Feature》Interview with Kohei Nawa

In 2011, sculptor Kohei Nawa held “SYNTHESIS,” a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo that summarized his activities up to that point.
This feature includes a long interview with curator Yuko Hasegawa, who has collaborated with Nawa on various art projects in Japan and abroad, about his activities over the past 10 years since “SYNTHESIS” to the present.
We will explore the secrets of the creation of Kohei Nawa, a “magician using materials” who expresses the perceptual awareness of modern people, along with his numerous representative works.


《Special Features》 GENKYO Tadanori Yokoo

This large-scale solo exhibition of Tadanori Yokoo’s work will focus on Yokoo’s recent paintings from this exhibition.
In conjunction with the exhibition, Yusuke Minami, former director of the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, who was in charge of planning and supervision at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, where the exhibition opened, will discuss the origin of Tadanori Yokoo’s creations, using “GENKYO” as the keyword in the exhibition’s title.

《Serials》Hidetoshi Nakata
In Search of “Japanese Products”

Hidetoshi Nakata, who has been traveling around Japan visiting 47 prefectures, introduces authentic Japanese culture found through direct contact with the traditional culture of each region.
The fourth edition introduces a trip to “Shizuoka”.
From traditional crafts to food and architecture, Nakada’s travels around the world have led him to rediscover the charms of Japanese culture.

《Serials》 Yoichi Ochiai’s Gaze

A series of articles that unravels the world of media artist Yoichi Ochiai, who has many faces, through his own words and works.
In this fourth installment, Ochiai introduces the tea ceremony, which he has taken up anew, and the “Kitakyushu Future Creative Art Festival ART for SDGs,” in which he worked on the theme of “Perspective in the Circular World,” along with related photographs taken by Ochiai himself.


《serialization》The Value of Japanese Contemporary Art by Ryutaro Takahashi

A series of articles by Ryutaro Takahashi, a renowned connoisseur in the contemporary art world, who has a collection of rare early works by Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, and others that later became representative works of the artists.
This fourth exhibition will introduce the world of Aiko Miyanaga, a remarkable contemporary artist who “visualizes time using traces of signs” from the Takahashi Collection, along with Takahashi’s commentary.



《serialization》Yuko Hasegawa

Curator Yuko Hasegawa, who has led numerous successful projects at biennials and museums in Japan and abroad, delves into complex topics with a focus on art in this series.
In the second installment, Hasegawa will discuss his thoughts on the “2nd Thailand Biennale,” which will be held in Thailand next spring and curated by Hasegawa, with the aim of “detoxifying capitalism.

Isamu Noguchi: Path of Discovery

Isamu Noguchi, one of the most famous artists of the 20th century, continued to consider how he could expand the realm of sculpture throughout his life.
This exhibition introduces the “path of discovery” that led Noguchi to his unique expression in stone sculpture in his later years.

Watanabe Shotei: Flower and Bird Paintings that Fascinated the West

In recent years, Watanabe Shotei, a little-known master of Japanese art, has been reevaluated alongside Ito Jakuchu.
The exhibition introduces the delicate and refined artistic world of the artist, who absorbed the best of Ukiyo-e, Rimpa school, and Western art and sublimated them into his works.

《interview》Kouji Kinutani

Koji Kinutani is a master of the Japanese painting world.
This summer’s “Koshikata no Ki, Bodeshin: Koji Kinutani Exhibition” presented a number of new works drawn while reexamining his own memories of his upbringing, and was well received.
This special feature includes an exclusive interview with Kinutani, as well as his works to be exhibited at the exhibition. It also features an exclusive interview with Kinutani, as well as the works exhibited at the exhibition.


《conversation》Ryutaro Takahashi & Tomio Koyama
~Talking about the Takahashi Collection

Ryutaro Takahashi, a psychiatrist and contemporary art collector, and Tomio Koyama, a gallerist who is indispensable in discussing contemporary art in Japan, talk about Takahashi’s life as a collector and the situation surrounding contemporary art in Japan.



《conversation》Kengo Kuma & Mariko Mori

Architect Kengo Kuma and contemporary artist Mariko Mori discuss the future of art and architecture, the social roles of each field, and their visions for the future.

《conversation》Hiroaki Miyata & Yuma Nakazato

Fashion and medicine, in other words, are about looking at people and making the most of the individual. Hiroaki Miyata, a professor at Keio University School of Medicine, and Taima Nakazato, a fashion designer. Sharing the same underlying philosophy, these two men active in their respective industries talk about “the future of human happiness.



《interview》Tetsuya Noguchi

Contemporary artist Tetsuya Noguchi questions the universality of humanity through the theme of armor and humans.
Beginning in his hometown of Kagawa Prefecture, Noguchi is currently touring Japan to introduce the works in his solo exhibition, and to explore the appeal of his “This is not a Samurai” works.

ONBEAT exclusive artworks for sale

A variety of talented works by up-and-coming young artists are for sale.
Writers▶feebee, Tomohide Ikeya, Shigeki Matsuyama, Shinya Nagashima, Moe Notsu, Ai Okawara, Naoko Oku, Shoichi Okumura, Yoshiyasu Tamura, Kael Tsukino, Atsushi Ushio, Ryota Yamazaki, Jun Yoshida, yueru