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The field of “Dreams” that we see at night is like ocean depths or universe that spread endlessly.
I love the deep black world here wrapped in tranquility.
I feel that the “mutual memory” human have been forgotten exists there, and it reminds me that through a transparent line, we are connected to the outside of the universe.
In a hectic life, we humans tend to forget this delicate esthesia.
That is why in everyday meditation and sleep or dream, I search for unconscious field counting on my primitive sensations.

There is a myriad of fantasy creatures wearing soft light and dancing in a voluptuous way.
For me, “production” is an act of reproducing their images and energy that is full of vitality carefully by tracing them.

I touch the clay, I move my fingers and focus my mind shaping it as if I bring life to it.
Perhaps, the “”mutual memory”” is something that I might not know eternally. However, I believe that the action to continue pursuing it is essential, and this is what art is.

Makiko Takahashi

Graduated from the department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design in 1998.
Graduated from Tokyo Glass Art Institute.
Continuously held Makiko Takahashi solo exhibition Ⅰ-Ⅵ “world of Pâte de verre” at arton art gallery / Kyoto. Participated in many selected exhibitions including “New Glass Review 28” at Corning Museum of Glass, U.S.A.in 2007, Contemporary Glass Triennial in Toyama 2008, “Glass Now 2014” & “Glass Now 2018” at the National Liberty Museum, U.S.A., “Special Exhibition Pâte de verre” at Notojima Glass Art Museum, Ishikawa in 2016. Won the Jury.
Prize at “Glass Now 2014”.

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