・Giclee Print on Canvas, UV Resin, Iwa-enogu

Inspired by Paralympic athletes and Greek sculpture, Nike explores beauty in imperfections.
Aware reflects how traditional Japanese aesthetic sense embraces this idea.
The A-UN series uses decorative art from various cultures across the globe.

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After studying graphic design and fashion design in Tokyo, I went abroad to Italy to study fashion design furthermore.
I was inspired by the decorative art I saw in Europe, and I began creating digital decorative paintings.
My works are combinations and modern interpretations of decorative culture from around the world.
By understanding history, we are able to feel the resonance of cultures that transcends borders.
Through my artwork I hope to send the message that we should accept one another and eliminate prejudice from the world.

Kohei Kyomori

Born in Ehime in 1985.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “enso flowers” at Midori.so2 Gallery / Tokyo in 2017, “Awarebi” at Hideharu Fukasaku Gallery Roppongi, “Designart Tokyo 2019” at Tomorrowland Shibuya Main Store / Tokyo in 2019, “Awarebi” at elephant Studio / Tokyo in 2020.
Participated to various group exhibitions and art fairs including “SICF20 Winners Exhibition” at Spiral / Tokyo, “artTNZ” at Tomohiko Yoshino Gallery / Tokyo in 2020.
Won many prizes including Second Grand Prix at the Spiral Independent Creators Festival 20 in 2019, Grand Prix at the Hermès Scarf Competition in 2020.

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