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・Aqyla, Gold leaf, Wooden panel

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Cherry blossoms and Mt.
Fuji, which are frequent motifs in traditional Japanese paintings, often appear in Kenji Shimizu’s paintings.
What makes Shimizu’s paintings unique and different from others is a principal character called Bridolly.
This original character is created based on an old tin toy bird which flaps its rusted wings with all its might when a spiral spring is wound.
Watching this toy recalls the artist the passage of time or memory, and it becomes a “symbol of time” in his paintings.
It appears not only as an adorable toy figure, but also in various figures such as Hoo-o, a phoenix venerated as an auspicious bird in the ancient China, or Yatagarasu, a three-legged crow appeared as a messenger of god in Japanese mythology.
Shimizu is indeed the true artist who creates the one and only world of Bridolly. ― Maie Tsukuda

Kenji Shimizu

Born in Aichi in 1971.
Completed the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “Flowers×Bridollies” at Takashimaya Yokohama / Kanagawa in 2011.
Participated in various group exhibitions and Art Fair including “Art Fair Tokyo” in 2013, “Young Art Taipei” in Taiwan in 2013, “DYNAMIC GO!50!GO!-NAGAI 50th ANNIVERSARY” at Seibu Ikebukuro / Tokyo in 2017, “Tin Toy Bird BRIDOLLY” at Ginza Mitsukoshi / Tokyo in 2018, “ART TAIPEI” in Taiwan in 2019.

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