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I have been painting as a self-taught artist since childhood.
What I value the most when painting is the image that naturally comes out from my subconscious.
I give these images colors and shapes by making heavy use of the three primary colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow; and curvy lines that represents nature.
The face-like motif that appears in my works from time to time are reflections of events or social problems that touches my heart in everyday life.
The world is about to overcome the shared crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and enter a new era.
Because we are in an age when the world is striving to unite, I believe that it is important for us to realize the richness in ourselves and to act to nurture it.
I would like to convey this message through my works.

Issei Suzuki

Born in Kanagawa in 2001.
Held solo exhibitions including “Symbol” at Setokatsu Bldg. / Miyagi, “Brainwashing” at Gallery b・Tokyo, “Vegalta Sendai 25th×Issei Suzuki Exhibition” at Yurtec Stadium Sendai / Miyagi in 2019, “Hashtag” at Gallery b・Tokyo, “Break of Dawn” at MDP Gallery / Tokyo in 2020.
Won many prizes. Designed the Wine labels of “Seraphim,” made by Blaise Plant, member of Monkey Majik.
Collaborated with Abaraki Rock Fes.20 in 2020.
Co-produced “Multi Compact Wallet-Suzuki Issei #tide” with leather patchwork brand “TIDE.”

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