・Washi, Suihi-enogu, Iwa-enogu, India ink, Metal powder

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I look for themes in my surroundings. There are always discoveries to be made in familiar things, and that is a joy to me. In the process of observing and depicting a thing, the reasons I was deeply drawn to it reveal themselves. When this happens, I become aware that it was bursting with many secrets. The surprises and emotions I encounter through books, conversations with people, and discoveries in unfamiliar places are also a wellspring of motivation to paint. The desires to know and to possess might be completely funneled into making art for me. Making art feels like collecting treasures. And in the process of accumulating them, it is my sincere wish that my own pictures will have expanded all the way to the other side of the imagination, and I will have created new worlds.

Ayaka Iida

Born in Kanagawa in 1990.
Graduated from Tama Art University, majored in Nihonga.
Held numerous solo exhibitions including “Secret Garden” at Polar Bear Gallery / China, “From the Past to the Future, Pedigree of Japanese Art” at Hotel New Otani Osaka /, “Beautiful flowers and female image” at Numashin Street Gallery / Shizuoka in 2019.
Participated in various Art Fairs including “Art Expo Malaysia Plus,” in 2019.
Won many prizes including The 50th Kanagawa Art Exhibition Special Award in 2014, NAU21 Century Art Coalition exhibition Special Award, Galerie Nichido Miraien Special Award in 2015.

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