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Yamamo miso and soy sauce brewing company

In Akita Prefecture, there is Yamamo miso and soy sauce brewing company (hereinafter Yamamo) that has been operating since 1867. The company is involved in a variety of activities to promote the brewing industry both domestically and internationally, and to attract visitors, while maintaining its tradition. The company has recently renovated its brewing warehouse and garden to offer tours that allow visitors to experience the unique culture of the local region, and artist Tetsuya Takizawa has created works on site using Yamamo's seed koji and washi paper washed in the Minase River, which are on display at the gallery."

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Fukuchiyo Shuzo Co., Ltd

Fukuchiyo Shuzo Co., Ltd. has a brewery in Hamamachi, Kashima City, in Saga Prefecture, a place known as an old brewery site. Naoki Iimori, who also serves as the brewer, set the goal of making Sake that will be loved and can be proud of the local people, creating a Sake that will represent Saga and Kyushu and spread it from Saga. He went to liquor stores on after another in Saga and developed the new brand "Nabeshima" with young sake store owners. After that, "Nabeshima Daiginjo," won the highest award, "Champion Sake" at the International Wine Challenge, the world's largest wine competition. He planned an event "Kashima Sakagura Tourism," with local officials which broadcasts the natural beauty of the Ariake Sea and the nature in Satoyama, and agricultural and marine products, both domestic and overseas.

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Kouraku kiln

Kouraku kiln has inherited the original will without extinguishing the kiln for more than a hundred years since the first built the first kiln in Arita-Cho Mt. Oubou in 1865. In 1962, a new kiln was built in Maruo, Arita-Cho, and now, using its vast site, the factory utilizes an integrated manufacturing system, and the entire process from casting, designing, high-temperature kiln, to overglaze decoration kiln is done in the place. The factory also has a design room and a room to make the original shape. Moreover, it has a flexible system that can respond to any demands, from small to massive production. Kouraku kiln has been conducting an "Artist in Residence" program since 2013, providing a place where artists from various fields from both inside and outside the country can devote to making products. And in an event "Treasure Hunting", 100,000 dead-stock items sleeping in the warehouse had been released for an all-you-can-pack for 5,000 yen per basket.

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